Salt Lake would be fourth-closest NHL city for Canucks to travel to

An NHL team in Utah would be a positive development for the Vancouver Canucks’ travel schedule.

It’s looking more and more likely that the Arizona Coyotes will move to Salt Lake City by the start of next season.

While it’s not a done deal yet, the NHL is reportedly crafting its 2024-25 schedule with the Utah capital in mind. Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith, who has publicly expressed interest in bringing an NHL team to Salt Lake City, is even taking name suggestions from fans.

Such a move would end months of speculation regarding Salt Lake City landing a team and years of chatter about the Coyotes leaving Arizona.

The NHL added expansion franchises to Seattle in 2021 and Las Vegas in 2017, but hasn’t relocated a team since the Atlanta Thrashers became the Winnipeg Jets in 2011.

The additions of Seattle, Las Vegas, and Winnipeg all served to reduce the distance travelled by the Canucks annually. Similarly, a move to Salt Lake City would also be favourable for the Canucks.

Flights to Salt Lake City from Vancouver take approximately two hours and 20 minutes, according to Google Maps. Phoenix, by contrast, is a three-hour and five-minute flight from YVR.

While it’s not a huge difference, every kilometre saved helps, particularly for Vancouver. The Canucks have one of the most challenging travel schedules in the NHL every season.

Salt Lake City is 1,291.77 kilometres away from Vancouver, which would make it the fourth-closest NHL city to the Canucks, with only Seattle, Calgary, and Edmonton being closer.

Distance to NHL cities for the Vancouver Canucks

  1. Seattle Kraken (194 km)
  2. Calgary Flames (674 km)
  3. Edmonton Oilers (822 km)
  4. San Jose Sharks (1.33K km)
  5. Vegas Golden Knights (1.59K km)
  6. Los Angeles Kings (1.74K km)
  7. Anaheim Ducks (1.77K km)
  8. Colorado Avalanche (1.78K km)
  9. Winnipeg Jets (1.87K km)
  10. Arizona Coyotes (1.98K km)
  11. Minnesota Wild (2.31K km)
  12. Dallas Stars (2.84K km)
  13. Chicago Blackhawks (2.85K km)
  14. St. Louis Blues (2.86K km)
  15. Detroit Red Wings (3.16K km)
  16. Nashville Predators (3.27K km)
  17. Columbus Blue Jackets (3.30K km)
  18. Toronto Maple Leafs (3.36K km)
  19. Buffalo Sabres (3.44K km)
  20. Pittsburgh Penguins (3.49K km)
  21. Ottawa Senators (3.54K km)
  22. Montreal Canadiens (3.69K km)
  23. Washington Capitals (3.79K km)
  24. Philadelphia Flyers (3.87K km)
  25. Carolina Hurricanes (3.88K km)
  26. New Jersey Devils (3.89K km)
  27. New York Rangers (3.91K km)
  28. New York Islanders (3.93K km)
  29. Boston Bruins (4.03K km)
  30. Tampa Bay Lightning (4.18K km)
  31. Florida Panthers (4.49K km)