Recently sold West Vancouver home value tanks, despite seller’s efforts

West Vancouver is one of the priciest markets in BC for buying a home, but a recently sold home saw a massive drop in value compared to just nine years ago.

1925 Russet Way was sold on April 17 for $3,770,000, according to Zealty. It was listed for the asking price of $4,250,000.

However, in 2016, the home was listed for $4,680,000 and sold above the asking price, earning $5,000,000, amounting to a $1,230,000 loss in value.

The West Vancouver home also sold well under the assessed value of $4,065,400, of which $3,991,000 is the land value alone.

The sale spawned some social media chatter.

Renanza Realty

In 2021, the owner attempted to sell the home for $4,900,000. It was listed in May 2021 before the listing was terminated in October of the same year.

Renanza Realty

The mustard-coloured West Vancouver home, equipped with a sweet pool, features five bedrooms and two bathrooms.

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Renanza Realty

Zealty states the home was on the market for 104 days before finally selling this April. The 66-year-old property features 2,414 sq ft of space and stunning ocean and city views.

west vancouver home

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The listing suggests the future owner could build the home of their dreams on the land or hold it in its current form to rent out.

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Despite the age, the home is in great shape.

west vancouver home sold

Renanza Realty

Since 2020 ($3,159,200), the home’s assessed value increased by around $1.3 million in 2023 ($4,483,800) before dropping to its most recent value of $4,065,400 this year.

One person on social media called the sale the potentially biggest loser of 2024 so far.

Another person responded, saying it was a “pretty brutal loss.”

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