Pierre Poilievre slammed for “masquerading as working class hero” by Liberal MP Sean Fraser

Conservative Party of Canada leader Pierre Poilievre has gained a bit of virality online, but not in the way he might like.

On Tuesday, Liberal MP Sean Fraser shared a clip of his rebuttal to Poilievre during Question Period on X. It has since garnered hundreds of thousands of views and has been shared on several social media platforms.

“Hot take: if you’re going to be a champion for workers, you might want to actually talk to them first,” reads Fraser’s post on X.

In the clip, the housing minister accuses the leader of the opposition of “masquerading across the country as a working class hero” while not really understanding working-class jobs.

He gave the example of recent speeches where Poilievre suggests that “electricians capture electricity from the sky” and that welders “weld with their bare hands.”

“What’s he going to tell me next? The fishermen in my community dive beneath the ocean and catch them with their bare teeth?” asked Fraser, which was met with laughter at the House of Commons.

“If he wants to represent the interests of the working class, he should talk to a person who has a real job,” he added.

Some X users have the receipts if you need proof of Poilievre’s questionable interpretation of working-class jobs.

PressProgress editor Luke LeBrun found four separate events where the politician claimed that electricians “capture lightning from the sky, runs it through a copper wire” to power our lights.

Professor Stéphanie Chouinard called out Poilievre’s remark that welders can “fuse together metals” with their “bare hands.”

“My dad’s a welder. You know what he would call a welder who works with his bare hands?
A moron,” she posted on X. “Tell me you’re trying to appeal to the blue-collar class while knowing nothing of the blue-collar class.”

Of course, there has been a lot of reaction to these clips online.

Many agreed with Fraser’s comments.

“Fraser said what most of the sane people are thinking. Poilievre is a leech trying to disguise himself as some kind of working class hero,” reads one Reddit comment.

byu/Miserable-Lizard from discussion

“Normally, I don’t support personal attacks in any form… But Poilievre is a bully who constantly attacks others; It’s satisfying to see him get a taste of his own medicine,” added another.

byu/xzry1998 from discussion

Others went to the opposition leader’s defence.

“Marking down Sean Fraser as a man who does not understand hyperbolic language and someone who doesn’t have a real job,” replied one X user to Fraser’s post.

“Like you care about the working classes,” another person chimed in.

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