People already have very strong feelings about Tim Hortons launching flatbread pizzas

Tim Hortons has been adding many new menu items, including savoury pastries, loaded wraps and bowls, and now it’ll be adding flatbread pizza. People quickly took to social media to post their reactions to the news.

We caught wind of Tim Hortons’ take on pizza being tested in Ontario’s GTA back in the summer of 2022 before it was made available in Calgary the following winter.

These flatbread pizzas will be available in four flavours: Bacon Everything, Chicken Parmesan, Pepperoni, and Simply Cheese. Canadians can purchase them starting April 17 for $6.99.

For starters, not everyone seems to be on board with Tim’s new menu addition. X user @lololbrittany said “i’d be kinda embarrassed to order pizza from tim hortons.”

Tim Hortons should scrap half their menu, not add pizza,” said @familyvalues420.

@whosjayden said that they would rather Tim Hortons bring back its chicken salad, the crispy chicken sandwich, and coffee that “doesn’t taste burnt” instead of pizza.

But not all the posts were negative. X user @viennatho said they had already tried the pizza, and while they said the pizza looked ugly, the “sauce and cheese was delicious and the bread/crust or whatever was SO crispy and buttery” and gave it an 8/10.

“No way, I cannot believe this is true 😂. Tims has good pizza? We talking like good for a frozen pizza u put in ur oven good? Or actual pizza good,” asked @Erickn002 in response to the review. @viennatho responded saying they would get it over Domino’s.

@Lotu72028675 said “Right?! I was so shocked that it kind of hits! Rare W for timmies.”

However, negative reactions to the Tim Hortons pizza far outweighed the positive ones, with many being skeptical of the new menu addition.

We will have to wait and see if people’s opinions change once they try these new menu additions.

Are you going to be trying these new flatbread pizzas? Let us know in the comments.

With files from Hanna McLean