No riots: Vancouver Police thanks Canucks fans for playoff behaviour

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You can say that Vancouver Canucks fans have developed a bit of a reputation over the years.

Two Stanley Cup riots will do that.

The Canucks are the only playoff team in Canada without an outdoor viewing party for games.

But surely, we can handle the first round.

The Vancouver Police Department sent out a press release Monday morning, thanking fans for a “safe and successful Game 1 playoff win.”

The first playoff game played in the city of Vancouver in nine years had a dream finish, as the Canucks stormed back in the third period to win the game. Fans poured into the streets following the game, yelling, chanting, and high-fiving.

But that was mostly it, thankfully.

“Thousands of people packed the streets around Rogers Arena last night, and many more watched the game from bars and restaurants throughout the city,” says Sergeant Steve Addison. “We’re proud of all the fans who celebrated responsibly and helped make Game 1 a positive experience.”

There was a police presence around Rogers Arena and in the downtown core Sunday night, the VPD said, to greet fans and promote a “safe, fun, and family-friendly atmosphere.”

“Officers interacted with fans inside and outside the arena, conducted traffic patrols throughout the city, and maintained a visible police presence in the Granville Entertainment District after the game,” the VPD added.

They did have one warning, however.

“While the atmosphere was safe and festive throughout the night, our officers also responded to several incidents related to people who had consumed too much alcohol and were creating an unsafe environment for other fans,” said Sergeant Addison.

One person was arrested for public intoxication and causing a disturbance near the arena, Addison added.

“Excess consumption of liquor often leads to disorder, fights, and other violence that impacts everyone’s safety and ability to enjoy the festivities. We remind everyone to consume your liquor at home or in a licensed establishment, but not on your walk to the game.”

The VPD said it will continue to deploy “additional” police officers throughout the playoffs to “support a safe experience” for everyone.