More unbelievable footage released of M&M’S pouring from Canadian transit vehicles

By now you’ve probably seen the astonishing video of M&M’S® raining down at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto.

Since that mysterious video dropped, three more videos have appeared online, each depicting thousands of M&M’S pouring from transit vehicles in major Canadian cities.

Maybe it’s magic, or maybe it’s masterful marketing. Regardless, these M&M’S signal something enticing on the horizon — and you can witness the wonder yourself in one of these four Canadian cities.


If you missed the original video, it shows a massive bag of peanut M&M’S appearing in the sky and pouring M&M’S all over Yonge-Dundas Square.

It’s a delicious version of spring showers and hints at something exciting happening over the upcoming long weekend…


Picture this: a train glides into a downtown station under the bright afternoon sun. The doors open, but instead of an outpouring of people, it’s an outpouring of M&M’S! It’s a tasty scenario that previews fun times to come.


High above the regular traffic woes, a train pulls into its station, and a familiar sight unfolds as the doors open and countless M&M’S pour out. What could this possibly mean for Vancouver?


Echoing Calgary and Vancouver, an underground station bursts to life with vibrant hues as a surge of M&M’S spill from the train’s open doors. That’s one way to brighten up a commute!

After all, M&M’S are for everyone — including you!