Mid-week win: Canadian lottery player wins Lotto Max second prize

One lucky Canadian is starting off June with a major Lotto Max win.

While no one hit the $30 million jackpot in Tuesday night’s draw, some lottery players still had success.

Someone from Ontario is taking home the Lotto Max second prize of $166,714 after they matched six out of the seven winning numbers, including the bonus number. The winning numbers were 05, 06, 12, 15, 18, 31, 37, and bonus 07.

This comes on the heels of a massive Lotto Max win over the weekend after a lottery player hit the $70 million jackpot in Friday night’s draw.

While there were no eight-figure wins this time around, 49 Canadians matched six of seven winning numbers to take home $3,402.30.

As for the Lotto Max Extra Prize, the results were unfortunately lacking.

No one matched all four winning numbers, 45, 52, 61, and 73, to win the top prize of $500,000.

However, 38 lottery players did match three out of four to win a modest $1,000.

If the odds weren’t in your favour this time around, you have another chance this Friday when the Lotto Max jackpot will be upped to $40 million.

There’s also the Lotto 6/49 draw tonight, which has a jackpot of a whopping $60 million.

According to Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation spokesperson Tony Bitonti, only five balls remain – four white and one gold.

“That means, if your ticket is drawn for the Gold Ball Draw, you have a one in four chance of the gold ball being drawn with the winner walking away with a life-changing $60 million!” he said in a news release.

So, don’t forget to grab a ticket if you’re feeling lucky!

All forms of gambling, including the lottery, involve risk and outcomes are based on chance. Individuals are strongly advised to gamble responsibly. If you are experiencing any signs of gambling-related issues, you can find resources here.