Is the boycott working? Canadians claim Loblaw parking lots look emptier than usual

The May-long Loblaw boycott is underway and Canadians say they’re already starting to see the consequences at stores.

A couple of videos of bare parking lots at Loblaw-owned stores have popped up online just three days into the protest.

On the first day, TikTok user @sidewalkslug shared footage of their neighbourhood Real Canadian Superstore and its sparse parking lot.

“On the first day of boycott, my true love gave to me only five cars in the parking lot,” he sings in the video to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

@sidewalkslug Happy boycott day #1 everyone! #loblawsboycott ♬ original sound – Robert

People chimed in in the comments, sharing that they’ve noticed fewer cars in their nearby Loblaw stores too.

“I’ve noticed less cars at my superstore consistently over the last few months,” commented one person.

“Yes!! In my small town it looks the same 🤩🤩🤩,” added another.

However, many were also skeptical given that the TikToker didn’t share what time the video was taken.

“What time is this? Is this staff cars before the store opens?” asks one commenter.

“What time of the day was that? Loblaws near me looks normal,” added another.

TikTok user @katiefromclips also posted a video of a scant parking lot, this time at a Loblaws in Calgary.

“This place is usually filled during the day!” the caption reads.

@katiefromclips Parking lot for the East Village Loblaws in Calgary…this place is usually filled during the day! #boycottloblaws #loblawsboycott ♬ original sound – Katebc03

The comments were similarly divided.

“My No Frills was very, very quiet. Stuck my head in and was pleasantly surprised. Hide your wallet!” reads one comment.

“I drove to three today only to check. All were full. Thankfully, most Calgarians aren’t buying into this,” disagreed another person.

The Loblaw boycott began on May 1 and was organized by members of the Reddit community Loblaws is Out of Control.

Canadians are protesting skyrocketing grocery prices by avoiding shopping at the corporation’s stores, which include Loblaws, Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart, and No Frills.

The grocery giant’s CEO, Per Bank, addressed the boycott in a statement to employees reportedly shared on April 22.

“Not only are we being unfairly blamed, we’re also not getting credit for the value we are providing,” he wrote.