“I’m walking on a cloud!” Retail worker quitting job and retiring after life-changing lottery win

An ordinary trip to the grocery store turned into a celebration for Hyoshin Kim when she scanned her lottery ticket at the self-checker.

On January 9, the 59-year-old retail worker won a Merry Millions top prize worth $1 million.

Hyoshin is a regular lottery player and wanted to try her luck with the limited-time OLG game Merry Millions. She had purchased her ticket from a local convenience store.

The Mississauga, Ontario resident visited the OLG Prize Centre to share her story and collect her newfound windfall.



“I was out buying some groceries and decided that was a good time to check my ticket at the self-checker,” she shared. “I was flabbergasted to see so many zeros pop up on the screen!”

Her mother-in-law was the first person to find out about Hyoshin’s millionaire status.

“She couldn’t believe that I had won so much,” she said. “I am just walking on a cloud!”

With her year starting on such a bountiful note, Hyoshin decided that her days of working a retail job were behind her and a comfy retirement lay ahead.

“I plan to use the winnings to pay off the mortgage, share with my children, and also retire from my job in retail,” she said.

Another Ontarian became a millionaire just days before Hyoshin, and he’s got a different plan for treating himself.

Charles Schultz, a retired skilled trades worker, is pumped to help his loved ones and buy himself a new ride after winning a fortune.

“I have always been a pretty helpful guy, so now I can do more of that for more people I love, which is very meaningful to me. Also, I have always wanted a hybrid car, so I think I will treat myself to one,” said Charles.

All forms of gambling, including the lottery, involve risk and outcomes are based on chance. Individuals are strongly advised to gamble responsibly. If you are experiencing any signs of gambling-related issues, you can find resources here.