“I love it there”: Kelly Ripa gushes over Vancouver, again

We might just want to make Kelly Ripa an official spokesperson for Vancouver, as the television host won’t stop talking about how much she loves it, and we love to hear it!

Ripa most recently gushed about the city on her daytime talk show Live with Kelly and Mark, which she co-hosts with her husband, one-time fellow soap opera star Mark Consuelos.

The Westin Bayshore Vancouver was among the four prizes up for grabs in a game on Monday’s show. The contestant had to spin and answer a question to win the prize. The other prizes were a hotel in Panama, the Caribbean, and another Canadian favourite: the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge.

She spun, and it landed on the Vancouver prize. The winning question? How many older sisters does Bryan Tyree Henry say he has? The answer was four, which the contestant answered correctly, leaving her with the $7,000 seven-day stay at the luxurious hotel in Coal Harbour.

“Have you ever been to Vancouver before?” Ripa asked.

“I have not,” the winner replied.

“If you want to take a travel companion, I will go with you; I love it there so much,” Ripa said.

The woman seemed keen, and Ripa added that she would see her in Vancouver soon for their trip.

We suspect one of Ripa’s biggest motivators for coming back to Vancouver is because she can fly into the Vancouver International Airport, which she has called “divine” in the past.

“Best shopping, great food, they’ve got arts and crafts, they’ve got they’ve got streams, they’ve got babbling brooks, they’ve got an aquarium. I mean, you name it, they’ve got it in the airport. You don’t have to go anywhere else,” she said in January on the show.

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With files from Nikitha Martins