“I hate their fans”: Ryan Whitney takes aim at Canucks in swear-filled rant

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The puck hasn’t even dropped on their playoff series yet, but the war of words between Vancouver Canucks and Edmonton Oilers fans is already in full swing.

Social media is filled with fans of each team going at it, and that includes Ryan Whitney.

On a recent episode of Spittin’ Chiclets, the former Oilers defenceman noted the Canucks have “never won a thing.” He also expressed hatred for the city of Vancouver.

“I’m about to haunt your f*cking dreams for the next two weeks, ok? I cannot stand the Vancouver Canucks,” Whitney said. “I’ve always hated that team. I love Rick Tocchet; I have so much respect for him, [but] I hate their fans, and I cannot wait to beat them… This team’s fanbase is so cocky.”

Whitney, who famously quit on the Oilers earlier this season after they lost to the San Jose Sharks, has since re-found his fandom.

“When I talk about Toronto being useless and pathetic, you guys might be worse!” the Spittin’ Chiclets co-host said, referring to Canucks fans. “You’ve never done sh*t! You’ve never won a thing, you’ve never done anything. You went to the finals and blew it. You lost in ’94. You stink! And now you act like you’re this wonderful, amazing franchise with all these incredible players. You guys have done nothing.”

Canucks fans, as you might expect, had plenty to say in return.