Horrifying “makeshift” rental is basically a laundry room stuffed with beds

Trying to find a budget-friendly place to call home in the GTA’s pricey rental market can be a daunting task, especially when you consider all of the sketchy and questionable listings you’ll have to sort through before finding a reasonable place to live.

In recent years, landlords have attempted to rent out rooms stuffed with bunk beds and mattresses plopped in the middle of kitchens at a discount rate in an effort to appeal to prospective renters who may be strapped for cash.

Considering that Toronto’s average rent for a one-bedroom apartment now exceeds $2,400, some renters in the city are being forced to compromise their own privacy just for a better deal.

One Brampton listing posted on Kijiji recently made rounds on Reddit due to its alarming pictures, which show two beds stuffed in a makeshift “studio,” or, if you want to call it for what it really is, a laundry room.

Share a very creepy makeshift studio for $550 each
byu/mybluntside inSlumlordsCanada

The ad specifically calls for two single females to share the space for $550 each per month plus utilities. The listing notes that tenants will have their privacy except for when the landlord uses the laundry machines in the evenings and on weekends.

Despite its less-than-appealing setup, the landlord lists a handful of rules for future tenants, including no smoking or drinking alcohol inside the house.

“It’s wild that landlords think they get to regulate what you do with your free time. Like, limited visits by ladies only? No alcohol? Like sir, I understand no smoking in the house, but I’m a f*cking human being, with independent free will, and I will consume alcohol in my space if I desire,” one comment under the Reddit thread reads.

“What a dump. I guess these slumlords decided they could make $1100 per month by renting out their laundry room,” another person said.

“No windows either of course and your ‘kitchen’ consists of a mini fridge and a microwave. Where do you do your dishes? The bathroom?” one user wrote.

Other horror rentals this month include a landlord in Toronto’s Rexdale neighbourhood attempting to rent out half of their own personal bed for an undisclosed rent price.