Here’s how pro baseball player George Springer prioritizes his wellness year-round

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an all-star baseball player? Basically, it starts right when you brush your teeth in the morning before hitting the field — at least for pro baseball’s George Springer.

Building a routine that works for you means prioritizing the best for your health, especially your oral health. Tooth enamel is one of the strongest substances in the human body, but it doesn’t get three strikes. Once it’s gone, it’s out of there!

Oral health is especially important for Springer, who understands the importance of a good defence. It’s why Springer uses Pronamel Active Shield toothpaste, the best defence to prevent further tooth enamel damage with total cavity protection, keeping those pearly whites shining bright for every home run.

Speaking of the best in defence, we explored Springer’s wellness routine, how he prioritizes his health, and how Pronamel helps him have peace of mind between dentist visits.

Building healthy routines on and off the field

It’s important to maintain a healthy, consistent routine to stay sharp on and off the field, and for Springer, that means waking up at 7 am, brushing his teeth with Pronamel, and getting in a few stretches.

“By showing up for yourself and putting in the work, you’re able to show up for your team even better,” Springer explains. “Even small changes can go a long way — take it one day at a time with a strong routine, and it pays off.”

A normal morning for Springer also has a quick face wash, a cup of coffee, playtime with his two sons, and a quick, healthy smoothie if he can manage it.

Prepping for game day with family

When it comes to game days, Springer keeps his meals easy and simple, including a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the morning and fuels up with healthy carbs like brown rice, chicken, and vegetables once he gets to the field.

His preference, however, is a simple home-cooked meal with his family. “It helps that, with Pronamel, I’m able to enjoy my favourite foods without having to worry about acid erosion!”

Family plays a large role in Springer’s wellness, as he tries to get in as much relaxing family time as possible before heading out for the day. You’ll find him winding down with them by playing outside, hanging by the fire pit, or just lounging on the couch watching Paw Patrol.

“Home is my happy place, and I prioritize being able to spend meaningful time with them,” says Springer. “Anywhere from making them breakfast to demolishing monster trucks — whatever they want to do, I just want to be there with them … Just spending time with my family is where my heart is full.”

Defend your tooth enamel with the best toothpaste

Springer is a big believer in maintaining a strong wellness approach that enhances both his on-field performance and his oral health. “Just like I’m defending on the field, defending tooth enamel is crucial to keep your teeth looking brilliant and strong.”

It’s why he’s been using Pronamel Active Shield toothpaste for years. With its specialized formula for people with sensitive teeth, Pronamel helps re-harden and remineralize acid-softened enamel and limit enamel wear during tooth brushing.

“Using Pronamel Active Shield has helped me build a consistent oral hygiene routine and defend off cavities and enamel erosion for long-lasting results.”

A World Series MVP and four-time baseball all-star can’t be wrong, so get the best defence for your oral health and pick up some Pronamel Active Shield toothpaste today.