Canucks playoff tickets cost more than roundtrip flight to Vegas

Vancouver Canucks playoff tickets were made available to the public today.

If you want to watch the local NHL team play in the postseason at Rogers Arena for the first time since 2015, it’s going to cost you.

The team put out tickets for four potential first-round games. However, there is no guarantee that more than two actually get played.

The cheapest ticket at the moment for any of the games is $374. That gets you in the building for the fourth home game, an event that will only happen if the first-round series goes the maximum of seven games.

You can see the cheapest available ticket to each of the four potential first-round home games below.

  • Home game 1: $422.29
  • Home game 2: $377.52
  • Home game 3: $377.52
  • Home game 4: $374

The same amount of money can be used towards a roundtrip flight to Las Vegas or the newest Apple Watch, which starts at $399.

As you can see below, you could go to Las Vegas for a weekend later this month and still have more than $100 left over, depending on which airline you decide on.

Vancouver to Vegas Flights

The cost of flying roundtrip from Vancouver to Las Vegas (Google Flights)

The most expensive Canucks playoff game is the first. It’s the only game where the cheapest ticket is over $400. That seat will get you in the upper bowl behind the net, where the away team shoots twice.

Canucks playoff Tickets Game 1

Game 1 Canucks playoff ticket prices (Ticketmaster)

The cheapest event is Game 4. This is not the fourth overall game in the series, but the fourth home game hosted by the Canucks in the playoff series. This game will only happen if the first-round series goes seven games.

Tickets to see this game are a bit cheaper at the moment but will still cost more than $370. That ticket will get you in a section where alcohol is not permitted. If you want to enjoy an adult beverage at the game, you’ll be looking at $399.

Canucks Playoff Tickets Game 4

Game 7 Canucks playoff ticket prices (Ticketmaster)

The Canucks have eight games left in their regular season. They’ll wrap up on April 18 and start their postseason campaign a few days after that.

The last time they hosted a playoff game in front of fans at Rogers Arena was 2015, when they lost to the Calgary Flames in the first round.