Canadians can now live and work remotely in Japan with a new digital nomad visa

Eligible Canadians who love Japanese culture or want a break from Canada can now apply for Japan’s newly launched digital nomad visa.

After Indonesia, Portugal, Spain, and Italy, Japan has become the latest country to introduce this visa format, allowing foreigners to live and work remotely for half a year with their spouses and kids.

Earlier this year, the country’s Immigration Services Agency (ISA) announced that the program was expected to start by the end of March. It finally launched in April.

“The Digital Nomad Visa will allow holders to work remotely in Japan for up to six months (once this period is exceeded, the applicant must wait for six months to reapply for the same visa status),” reads a release from Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO). “The new visa presents a great opportunity for those in the relevant sectors to immerse themselves deeper in Japan.”

Who’s eligible for the Japan digital nomad visa?

Citizens of 49 eligible countries and territories can apply, and their spouses and children are also eligible to stay in the country. Applications must be submitted for the latter.

However, some requirements might make this difficult.

For starters, you must have an annual income of ¥10 million. This is just under C$80,000, per the latest currency exchange rates.

Documents you need

According to Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you will need the following documents to apply for the digital nomad visa:

  1. A visa application form (with a photo)
  2. Your valid passport
  3. Your Certificate of Eligibility (COE), meaning documents that prove your income (bank/tax statement).
  4. If you don’t have a COE, you must present documents explaining your planned activities and period of stay in Japan, along with documents proving that you have life and health insurance for your stay in Japan (compensation for medical treatment for injury or illness must be ¥10 million or more).
  5. Documents proving your annual income is ¥10 million or more. These could be a tax payment certificate, income certificate, employment contract, or contract with a business partner (clearly stating the contract period and the contract amount).

Documents for your spouse or child

  1. A visa application form (with a photo of the spouse/child)
  2. The child/spouse’s valid passport
  3. A COE and documents proving the relationship between the applicant and the child/spouse.
  4. If a COE isn’t available, point #4 above (about insurance and stay details) applies.
  5. A copy of the principal applicant’s passport with the digital nomad visa

For more details, read the information Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided here.