A&W is ranked as the strongest brand in Canada for 2024

A new ranking of Canada’s strongest brands has just been revealed, and one fast food spot has snagged the top spot for the second year in a row.

A&W, home of the Teen Burger, claimed the title of Canada’s strongest brand for 2024, ahead of huge brands such as Dollarama and Shoppers Drug Mart.

The study was conducted by Brand Finance, which analyzed the strength of Canada’s top brands based on three pillars and gave them a score out of 100.

The pillars include “inputs,” such as activities that support the future strength of the brand, “equity,” meaning current perceptions of the brand from market research and data, and “output,” which is based on brand-related performance measures such as market share.

A&W received a score of 85.3, with the study noting that the brand had “consistently maintained a strong level of awareness and familiarity among Canadian consumers,” with over 1,000 locations across the country.

However, the consultancy noted that A&W’s strength had slightly declined since 2023 due to achieving lower scores for its environmental and social initiatives.

“In a significant stride towards sustainability, A&W Canada became the first QSR brand to launch a nationwide exchangeable cup program, ‘A&W One Cup,’ to combat single-use cup waste,” the report added.

Brand Finance added that this initiative may bolster positive environmental perceptions of the brand for the year ahead.

A&W wasn’t the only food and beverage company to make the top ten, as Maple Leaf Foods was ranked third with a score of 82.6, and in the tenth spot was the Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons, which scored 79.1.