Attic rental with exposed wires next to sink called out as “dirty death trap”

Ontario’s rental market is especially gruelling for tenants right now, between rent prices continuing to skyrocket and increased competition for cost-effective living accommodations.

Browsing through websites like Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace, you’re bound to come across endless alarming listings the more you decrease your budget, as some landlords look to capitalize on those strapped for cash by compromising privacy, cleanliness, and even safety.

One listing recently posted on Facebook Marketplace in Windsor was reshared on Reddit and went viral, all thanks to its baffling and potentially dangerous setup, which included a seemingly open wire outlet right next to the kitchen sink.

Most of the comments under the Reddit thread concerned the space’s wire outlet, leading many users to call on Windsor residents to report the listing.

“Please report it if you have the address, nothing will change if people keep letting these places go on. Especially with the electrical sitting over a f*cking sink,” one person wrote.

750 a month to live in a dirty death trap in Windsor
byu/pilot-squid inSlumlordsCanada

Other users highlighted the listing’s “atrocious” price and took the opportunity to discuss the region’s exorbitant real estate market as a whole.

“Wow. I’m in Windsor and the prices here are atrocious. This is sickening,” another person said.

“Sad thing is, that won’t last on the market here. You can’t find a studio apartment for under $1,000 now and the vacancy rate in this city is one of the lowest in the country. Slumlords are posting hell holes and they are getting scooped up because there’s no options unless you wanna live in a bed-bug motel,” one comment reads.

According to’s April 2024 Rent Report, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Windsor is currently $1,546, and $1.885 for a two-bedroom apartment.

For comparison, Toronto’s average one-bedroom apartment now runs for $2,471 and $3,247 for a two-bedroom apartment.