Afro’s Pizza gives away $1,000 in free pizza after Keith Lee visit

Afro’s Pizza was overrun with hungry fans — of both the pizza restaurant and of TikTok food reviewer Keith Lee — after the star featured the pizza joint in one of his latest reviews.

The restaurant, which has only been open for around seven months, specializes in Wu Tang-inspired deep dishes and, according to Lee’s review, it’s some of the best pizza in town.

@keith_lee125 Afros Pizza taste test 💕 would you try it ? 💕 #foodcritic @Afro’s Pizza @mixinthe6ix ♬ original sound – Keith Lee

In the hours following Lee’s visit, Afro’s Pizza chef and founder Rodney Best told blogTO the restaurant was almost immediately swarmed by fans hoping to get their hands on a pie.

“We ran out of pizza dough by 2 am,” he tells blogTO. “We usually close at 4 am.” He adds that, as the weekend progressed, the restaurant was completely out of stock by Sunday evening.

“That night, he posted his review, and we saw an influx of new customers in our last hour, saying they just saw the video and had to come by and try out the pizzas.”

It’s not just the good press that’s got Afro’s Pizza on a high right now, though.

In the review, Keith Lee is seen re-entering the business and dropping off a $3,000 tip. He then made a $750 payment, says Best, to pay for the next customers throughout the day to get their pizza for free.

“We ended up giving away $1000 in free pizza,” Best told blogTO.

@blogto Replying to @justlytes Keith Lee actually tried Afro’s Pizza 🤩🍕@Briana @Keith Lee @Afro’s Pizza #toronto #ontario #tiktoktoronto #torontofood #torontofoodie #food #foodie #pizza #afrospizza #keithlee #pizzalover #torontolife #yyz #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – blogTO

Among Lee’s top picks from the restaurant, Best tells blogTO that their Davis Jr. (pepperoni, house-cured sausage, and jalapeño), Hendrix (chicken and waffles) and Mac and Cheese have all been going like hotcakes since the review dropped.

“To be chosen by him was an honour, we give many thanks to previous food reviewers who made a shoutout for us on our behalf,” Best told blogTO.

You can try Afro’s Pizza at 107 Mutual Street, open seven days a week.