8 foodie April Fools’ Day pranks that nearly had us

April Fools’ Day is here once again, bringing with it dozens of pranks, gags, and general tomfoolery.

As is tradition, a ton of Canadian food companies became tricksters, with some sus social media posts of new launches, drops, and concepts. While some are truly stomach-churning, there are definitely a few products that we’d actually want.

From the good, the bad, and the downright bizarre, here are some of the wildest foodie April Fools pranks of 2024.

McDonald’s Lip Balms

Ever wanted a taste of your favourite McDonald’s food all day, every day? McDonald’s teased the intro of lip balms in classic flavours such as Big Mac sauce, Oreo McFlurry, and Extra Pickles. Sign us up!

Mary Brown’s Chicken PickleMary

Canadian fried chicken chain Mary Brown’s Chicken opted to bypass the chicken altogether for its April Fools offering – the PickleMary. While it may be a joke, many pickle lovers were left disappointed.

Craft Beer Market Mac & Cheese on tap

While Craft Beer Market has dozens of craft beers on tap to indulge in, the restaurant chain joked it would now be serving up mac and cheese on tap too. We’d be lying if we said we we’re secretly hoping this was true.

Oreos are separating

Oreo revealed the sad news that its two major components—cookies and creme—had officially decided to separate. Instead, customers will be able to buy a pack of just cookies or just creme.

“We appreciate your continuous support as we enter this new chapter, separately,” the company said on Instagram.

Subway Scents

Ever dreamt of smelling like the inside of a Subway store? Get that freshly baked sub smell with Subway’s new line of Sub Scents. The sandwich chain teased three variations; the classic Italian, Italian herbs and cheese. and multigrain.

Central Taps Eggchuterie Board

Central Taps had the egg-cellent idea of an eggchuterie board. Instead of the usual meats and cheeses, the bar said the board would contain a whopping 15 eggs, served boiled, fried, in quiche, soft poached, and more. We’d actually be down to try this one.

Opa Tzatziki Milkshake

Greek chain OPA teased the launch of its slightly stomach-churning Tzatziki milkshake. With yogurt and sour cream packed with cucumber, lemon, sugar, spices and dill, it would probably be a crowd pleaser for tzatziki fans.

Purdy’s Hedgehog-Os

Add this to the list of April Fools’ pranks that we’d actually want. Purdys announced it would be launching a cereal complete with tiny versions of its adorable chocolate hazelnut hedgehogs.