7 wineries in Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country you can’t leave without trying

In BC, we are so spoiled with local getaway options, and Oliver Osoyoos Wine Country is among the best of the destinations. 

Here, wineries are setting a precedent, making distinct and unique Canadian wines made by people that reflect so much of our country and the South Okanagan character. 

This region’s innovative grape growers and winemakers are taking the country and world by storm with incredible blends. 

After touring through wineries in the region, it’s clear that no matter the season, a trip to wine country will always exceed travellers expectations.

Plenty of wineries immerse guests in incredible winemaking, spark inspiration, and create lasting memories for anyone who comes through. 

The next time you travel to Oliver and Osoyoos, here is a handy list of some can’t-miss wineries.

Nikitha Martins, Daily Hive

Walking through the doors of vinAmité is similar to stepping into an old friend’s home — comfy and welcoming. And like many great hosts, they always serve such incredible wine.

This family estate vineyard and winery features a tasting lounge that is also a wine-tasting experience indoor with seating and outdoors overlooking the vineyard.

VinAmité is run by the Coulombe family, who say they are devoted to traditional French varietals. This winery perfectly blends new and old approaches. 

Nikitha Martins, Daily Hive

So picture this: you and your best friends, with a full wine glass in hand, seated on a terrace overlooking the vineyard, snacking on an excellently curated charcuterie board. 

And it’s right there in the name—in French, vin translates to wine, and amité is friendship. So we can’t help but recommend this stop for an upcoming girls, gays, or theys’ getaway. 

Nikitha, Daily Hive

From the farming lands of Punjab, India, the Dhaliwal family has established themselves as one of the premier award-winning grape growers in the valley.

Here at Kismet Estate Winery, guests witness the blending of cultures and traditions and can be part of celebrating the Dhaliwal’s journey in relocating and establishing their winery in Oliver, BC. 

“Our wine names and branding are carefully chosen to honour and share the narratives of their journey, their spiritual beliefs, and the experiences that shaped their lives. It’s a tribute to the resilience, hope, and spirit of the true immigrant story,” the winery’s site reads. 

The family says its name Kismet means fate and destiny.

Here, guests can also enjoy Kismet’s spectacular wine and its on-site restaurant, Manzil, which features bold and flavourful Indian cuisine.

Nikitha Martins, Daily Hive

Simply put, Nk’Mip Cellars has everything you’d ever want when visiting a winery. 

There is an outdoor area with stunning views of the lake and surrounding hills, a world-class restaurant with a menu that is locally sourced and lavishly prepared, and, of course, award-winning wines. 

Here are Nk’Mip Cellars; you can spend hours sipping on some of the best wines in the country and simultaneously get inspired by this historic site. 

Nk’Mip Cellars is the first Indigenous-owned and operated winery in North America. 

“We extend an invitation to discover, not only the international award-winning wines we produce, but also the relentless spirit and remarkable history that inspire them,” the winery writes. 

Nikitha Martins, Daily Hive

Phantom Creek Estates is, by far has, one of the most jaw-dropping properties in the Okanagan Valley due to its unparalleled views. 

This beautiful and quiet winery is integrated into its environment and is unlike any other. If you’re looking for a Napa-like experience, you will find it here. 

This fairly new winery is located on the Black Sage Bench and produces wines from historic vineyards using over 30 different grape varieties. 

Nikitha Martins, Daily Hive

Additionally, the Restaurant at Phantom Creek Estates offers exquisite wine pairings are exquisite

You can also opt into joining a captivating estate tours which guides guests down its underground cellars while getting an explanation of Phantom Creek’s history, sustainable farming practices, and winemaking philosophy.

A highlight for us was learning from more about the women at Phantom Creek Estates breaking down the science to create spectacular wines.

Nikitha Martins, Daily Hive

At Culmina, the winery prides itself on preserving “the beautiful, natural character” of its wines. It does so by gently handling fruit and minimally intervening with the wine. And it certainly shows with each sip of its wine. 

If you prefer a glass/bottle of red wine, Culmina Family Estate Winery, is known for its satisfying and elegant reds. So it’s certainly worth making a stop when in the valley. 

While it adopts wine practices like water management from places like Spain and Australia, the Triggs family aims to make uniquely Canadian wine.

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There is always something fun to do at Lakeside Cellars. 

Apart from the obvious drinking wine Lakeside Cellars hosts yoga classes, evenings with live music, and craft events. 

Of course, if you’re simply looking for good wine, this winery is home to award-winning wines grown at Lakeside Cellars.

After purchasing the lakeshore property nearly 10 years ago, the Dhaliwals have created concentrated wines expressive of Canada’s cool climate desert.

Oh, and this already unique winery even offers sparkling wines in cans — perfect for on-the-go summer fun. 

At Gold Hill Winery, it doesn’t just make grow grapes and make wine, the business is driven by a family passion. 

Brothers Sant and Gurbachan Gill both hold a vast amount of farming knowledge which they say began generations ago in Punjab, India.

Drinking a glass of wine at Gold Hill is an exclusive experience. 

Here, it crafts premium wine and in small lots which are made from 100% of its estate-grown grapes.

Nikitha Martins, Daily Hive

This means you are able to experience tasting age-worthy reds that are “juicy, well-balanced and well-reviewed,” the winery says.

The writer was hosted by OOWC.

With files from Hanna McLean