Vancouver city councillor calls out motion to reallocate funds to Mayor’s Office

A motion to reallocate $80,000 to the Mayor’s Office is not sitting well with one Vancouver city councillor.

The motion calls for the funds to be moved from the City Clerk’s Office to instead fund a new administrative role to support the mayor.

Coun. Pete Fry posted on X that he is “highlighting Mayor Sim’s ever-growing, secretive Office Budget,” saying he is criticizing the motion since Sim campaigned on reducing his office’s spending.

Fry claims we’re seeing the exact opposite and thinks people who supported Sim will have questions.

“We’re seeing an unprecedented amount of spending in the Mayor’s Office and not a lot of accountability,” Fry told CityNews.

“This is taxpayer money, and we should be accountable for it.”

The city’s manager and clerk believe the funded role would be more appropriate as a member of the mayor’s staff, according to the motion.

Currently, there are three staff members within the City Clerk’s Office that are responsible for administrative support for the mayor. These staff members are civil service employees whose salaries are part of the City Clerk’s operating budget.

“The 2024 Operating Budget approved by Council included incremental funding in the amount of $80,000 for the City Clerk’s Office,” the motion reads.

“The purpose of this funding was to establish a new administrative role supporting scheduling and related functions for the Mayor. Given the specific operational requirements and nature of the role as a direct support to the Mayor, this position will be significantly more effective as a member of the Mayor’s staff, rather than a position that reports up to the City Clerk.”

According to a report from the City Manager to City Council, the reallocation would have no net impact on the City’s 2024 Operating Budget.

The motion is set to be discussed by city council this Tuesday.