TransLink announces spring service changes to help high-demand routes

A disclaimer for all commuters: TransLink is transitioning to its Spring Service starting Monday, April 15.

TransLink says, it is implementing seasonal changes to improve access in popular seasonal destinations.

This includes adding service on 10 routes and re-introducing service on three summer-only routes.

However, this also means it will be reducing services on five routes serving post-secondary institutions until September — with the school year ending.

TransLink says, it is also adjusting the service levels to respond to changing customer demand, and address overcrowding.

“Bus service is being reallocated to provide more service on 17 routes across the region to address overcrowding and to better serve our customers,” it says on its website.

The service says, it will reduce bus service on 13 routes to provide service where it’s needed the most and it will reduce service on 9 routes during certain times of the day to accommodate routes with higher demand.

“We will continue monitoring ridership levels across the region to ensure service is provided where it is needed most as more people choose transit,” it said.

-With files from Raynaldo Suarez.