‘Not much relief yet in sight’: Metro Van drivers continue to face rising gas prices

Metro Vancouver continues to see gas prices increase, with a litre of regular going for $2.16 in some parts to start the week.

GasBuddy says prices in the region have risen nearly seven cents over the past week, averaging 209.70 for a litre of regular.

But it’s not just Metro Vancouver that is seeing prices rise. GasBuddy says increases are being seen across the country.

“Gas prices have continued to advance across every province over the last week, driven by extensive refinery maintenance on the West Coast, where prices have increased notably,” said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy.

Metro Vancouver gas prices are nearly 22 cents higher than a month ago, with GasBuddy noting Sunday’s average was nearly 21 cents above the same day last year.

De Haan says with a number of factors at play currently, it’s unlikely a fall in prices will come anytime soon.

“With oil prices rising to nearly $87 per barrel last week, their highest since October, we are not only facing the seasonal factors that push prices up-refinery maintenance, the switch to summer gasoline, and rising demand-but also escalating crude oil prices as OPEC’s production cuts continue to cause declining global oil inventories, with escalations between Iran and Israel adding to concerns of further destabilization,” he explained.

“We’ll continue to see upward pressure on gas prices for the coming week, with not much relief yet in sight.”

De Haan previously said he expects gas prices to remain above the $2 mark in Metro Vancouver into the summer.

On April 1, B.C. increased its carbon tax, only adding to pressures that affect gas prices. Metro Vancouver drivers pay some of the highest fuel taxes in the country.