Metro Vancouver gas prices spike overnight

The price at the pump continues to fluctuate as much as the weather these days.

Overnight, gas prices spiked around Metro Vancouver, with many stations posting up to $2.179 for a litre of regular Friday morning.

In comparison, the same time Thursday, prices were hovering between $2.129 and $2.139.

Prices have continued to increase through the week, when earlier, some stations were selling a litre of regular gas for under $2.

If you have an average gas-powered vehicle with a 60-litre tank, you’re paying more than $10 more to fill up Friday compared to two days ago.

When it comes to just what exactly is behind the increase, analysts say there are a number of factors.

The consensus from different groups seems to point to more expensive summer-blend gasoline now making its way into the system, and Metro Vancouver prices are tagging along with upward pressure up and down the west coast, as U.S. prices are also high.

Most seem to think that pressure won’t disappear in the near future.

Metro Vancouver drivers also pay some of the highest fuel taxes in the country.