Impaired driver suspended after head-on crash in Abbotsford

Impairment is believed to have been a factor in a head-on crash in Abbotsford that left two drivers with “seemingly only … minor injuries.”

Police say officers were called to the area of Fraser Highway and Ross Road around midnight Tuesday.

“Considering the damage to the two cars involved,” the police department says it’s “a miracle” the drivers escaped without being severely hurt.

“Officers issued one driver a 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition after observing obvious signs of impairment suspected of having caused them to cross the center median and cause the crash,” the APD said in a social media post.

An image posted by police shows one vehicle with extensive damage. The car’s front left corner is completely smashed, while the windshield is also destroyed.

Police say these sorts of incidents are “100% avoidable.”

“Please do not allow the pull of alcohol to rob you and your family of your life. Do not drink and drive,” the APD said.