Canadians angrier than ever at governments: latest Rage Index

While the burgeoning sunshine and the Canucks’ run in the NHL post-season may have you smiling, there’s a chance not much else is.

According to the latest “Rage Index,” there are record levels of anger amongst Canadian adults.

Pollara Strategic Insights says its latest survey found people are most angry about the economy, and both the federal and provincial governments.

In B.C., Pollara says those surveyed are specifically angry at the David Eby-led NDP government.

It says the level of anger in the province has shot up by 16 per cent since January alone, likely due to the furor over public drug use and the decriminalization pilot.

But the anger isn’t limited just to the West Coast. According to Pollara, nationally, more than 60 per cent of Canadians surveyed are angry with the federal government.

It says it also found that almost 70 per cent of those surveyed are “annoyed” with the economy.

While the level of rage found in B.C. might be high, it’s not the highest. Those surveyed in Ontario, Alberta, and the Atlantic provinces are angrier than those in B.C.

With files from Mike Lloyd