‘Biological sex’ sports bill is quickly quashed in B.C. legislature

A B.C. Conservative private member’s bill to classify publicly funded sports teams and events according to the “biological sex” of participants, banning transgender athletes, didn’t make it out of the starting blocks.

The Fairness in Women’s and Girls’ Sports Act was voted down at first reading, a fate that’s a rarity in the legislature.

The majority New Democrats, joined by two Green Party members and two Independents, voted down the proposed bill introduced by Conservative Leader John Rustad.

New Democrat House Leader Ravi Kahlon said outside the legislature the proposed bill was “hateful and discriminatory.”

The Opposition BC United said in a statement it was sticking to its policy under Leader Kevin Falcon to never oppose the introduction of any bill on first reading.

Rustad told the legislature the proposed bill would ensure publicly funded sports events “must be classified by sex, and it limits participation to participants of the biological sex that corresponds to the sex classification.”

Private member’s bills hardly ever result in legislation.