Unpermitted cannabis protest event on April 20

Sunset beach at dusk
April 19 2024 –

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation is aware that an unpermitted, non-sanctioned cannabis protest event is planned for tomorrow, April 20 at Sunset Beach Park. It is anticipated that hundreds of people will attend, including vendors.

While the City and Park Board respects the right to protest, staff are working in collaboration with the VPD to ensure public safety, and will be taking the following measures on Saturday April 20 to mitigate impacts to the park and the adjacent neighbourhood:

  • Closure of the Vancouver Aquatic Centre. 
  • Closure of the Sunset Beach washrooms.  
  • Closure of parking lots at Sunset Beach, English Bay and the Vancouver Aquatic Centre.  
  • Fencing off certain areas of Sunset Beach to prevent ground and turf damage.

Park Rangers, the Vancouver Police Department and City Protective Services will be present throughout the day to support public safety.