Vancouver police arrest 5 men, seize 24 kg of drugs in Quebec gang investigation

Vancouver police have arrested five men and recovered more than 24 kilograms of illicit drugs, after a 14-month investigation into a gang originally from Montreal known as Zone 43.

According to the head of the organized crime section with the Vancouver Police Department (VPD), Zone 43 started operating in the city a few years ago.

“Those crime groups that move into B.C. present a unique threat because they’re likely going to destabilize the region,” said Insp. Phil Heard.

“They’re going to be looking to take over drug lines, drug turf. And that, in our experience, will lead to conflict and acts of violence. So it’s a super high priority for us.”

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Investigators served five search warrants on May 14 — three in Vancouver and two in neighbouring Burnaby, B.C. — and recovered seven kilograms of fentanyl, 11 kilograms of cocaine, two kilograms of methamphetamine and two kilograms of cutting agents, including benzodiazepine. 

Two handguns and more than $150,000 in cash were also seized.

Heard said the five men arrested have been released and will be facing numerous drug and criminal charges once the investigation is complete. 

“Ultimately, when charges are recommended, whether those individuals remain in B.C. or they travel to other jurisdictions, we will do everything in our power to locate them, arrest them and bring them to justice here in B.C.,” he said. 

According to Heard, Zone 43 is affiliated with the Wolfpack gang locally. He said the VPD has been co-ordinating with police agencies in Quebec on the investigation. 

“We believe [Zone 43] pose a very significant risk to the public. They’re involved in a well documented conflict ongoing in the province of Quebec with a rival group called the Profit Boys,” he said.


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