Pro-Palestinian protest ends at Metro Vancouver container port

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A blockade by pro-Palestinian protesters at a major port terminal in Metro Vancouver has broken up after hours of disruption.

GCT Canada says protest affected Deltaport’s operations

Protesters stand in a blockade waving flags and signs.
Protesters calling for a ceasefire in Gaza are pictured blocking truck access to Deltaport in Delta, B.C., on Monday. (Ben Nelms/CBC)

A blockade by pro-Palestinian protesters at a major port terminal in Metro Vancouver has ended after hours of disruption.

Terminal operator GCT Canada had said on Monday morning that “illegal protesters’ actions are causing an unsafe situation” as truckers that tried to access the Deltaport facility were being held on the Roberts Bank causeway.

GCT spokesman Marko Dekovic had said the company was not given advance notice of the blockade, and the protest was “severely impacting” the terminal’s ability to operate.

The Delta Police Department said its officers were at the scene “liaising” with protesters earlier Monday.

A line up of semi trucks are pictures on a road.
The protesters had blocked access for trucks, which were lining up on the Roberts Bank causeway. (Ben Nelms/CBC)

Protesters are calling the event “People’s Picket for Palestine” and said in a statement the demonstration was being co-ordinated with protests around the world aimed at blocking “major choke points in the economy” to cause “the most economic impact.”

The protest contingent said more than 100 demonstrators participated in the blockade.

Video from the scene shows protesters waving Palestinian flags and chanting as traffic is halted.

A small number of protesters wave Palestinian flags near shipping containers.
The protesters say their action is part of a global movement targeting economic chokepoints. (Ben Nelms/CBC)


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